"So Self Obsessed With My Mascara And Mistakes, Vanity's Like A Funeral And Everyone's At My Wake"- J Welcome To A World Where Dreams Become Nightmares Untitled Document

Welcome To A World Where Dreams Become Nightmares

Just Looking To Express Myself. I Like Tattoos, Piercings, Etc. I'm Proud To Be Gay, And I Have An Adorable Dogie. I Can't Wait To Talk To You- So Don't Be Shy And Talk To Me :)
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Mermaid Wave Incense Burner
i need this

That was so beautiful
*Asks waitress for a straw*
*Straw’s given to me*
Me: Thanks, you’re so Straw-some
When everything is said and done… Is it really?
Just floating thoughts …
Your smile is my most favorite thing in this world.  (via only-seoul)

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teen wolf season 4 starts on the day of my last final exam this year what an incredible way to celebrate and cry even more

I Just Want To Be Pretty
Six Word Story